Digital Marketing

Get the right message in front of the right people.

Smart, targeted marketing plans combine a data-driven approach to audience building, and the creative message that grabs attention and sparks a connection.

A successful online marketing campaign may incorporate SEO, PPC, Social Media, and other platforms. Choosing the right platform depends on your aspirations, message and budget.

We help our clients choose from among the options available and put together a customized, strategic plan.


1. Create the right message.

A strong message is at the heart of your website, brand and content.

Your story conveys a value proposition that resonates with your most desired customers and shows them they’ve found the right solution.

Make it clear, and it’s beautiful, strong and effective.

2. Get in front of the right audience.

We aren’t always looking for the largest possible audience or exposure — it’s better to reach a thousand hungry buyers than a million strangers with no interest in your product.



Customizable Monthly Marketing Plans

We create data-driven, individualized monthly marketing plans for our clients. Many of our plans include some combination of the following:



Smart SEO brings new customers to your door. It ensures you’re showing up in search results right at the moment they’re ready to buy. Our custom plans attract the customers you want most, whether mobile, local, or national.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

When you want new business today, paid search ads can bring it. These ads are a shortcut to the top of Google's Page One. But don’t waste your money on useless paid clicks. Invest in a smart, targeted campaign.

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Have you ever noticed how sometimes, after you visit a website, their ads follow you around the internet? Those ads are really effective, and you can do it too. Ask us how!

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Social Media

All In One Marketing Plans

Flexible marketing plans enable us to set a steady monthly budget and then run different campaigns from season to season, meeting your business needs from quarter to quarter with no surprises.

These plans can include a mix of data-driven, on-site content creation, ad campaigns and SEO.

Talk to a Marketing Expert

“I got my business website redone, and now my business is growing because people are finding us through Google searches.”

– Brian, Founder, Deep River Bodyworks –

Our Data-Driven Process

Creativity is critical but your campaign’s effectiveness can’t be left up to chance.

Search Engine Research

tells us the exact words your customers are typing into their search bar so we can build a website that shows up in search results and then wins the customer over.

Regular Check-ins and Reporting

We assess the conversion rates of different designs, messaging and audience profiles to continually fine-tune your digital advertising campaign.

Audience profiling and affinity targeting

through social media platforms and search engines enable us to reach audiences with a proven interest in your offering, even before they begin their search.

Lead tracking and conversion tracking

We will recommend and configure CRM software to tell you which leads came in through which campaigns, so you can assess the ROI of your marketing and we can help you make data-driven adjustments.

Learn about our 6-point system for generating more leads.

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